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SUBJECTIVE (Goldie) The Start Of No Regret - Limited Double Pink Vinyl LP (released 20 May 2022)

SUBJECTIVE (Goldie) The Start Of No Regret - Limited Double Pink Vinyl LP (released 20 May 2022)

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Artist: Subjective

Title: The Start Of No Regret

Info:  Limited 2LP Pink Vinyl

Label: Sony Music

UPC: 194399531112

Release Date: 20 May 2022

Released via Sony Masterworks - Subjective is a producer duo made up of Goldie – 1990s jungle pioneer and reality TV regular, resident of the idyllic island of Phuket, Thailand since 2015 – and a bloke named James Davidson, who puts out proggy, jazzy, and perfectly listenable drum and bass as Ulterior Motive from his house in Bournemouth. They made this, their second album together, online over the past 18 months, bouncing ideas across the timezones as the pandemic swept the globe, roping in various guest musicians – most notably neo-soul vocalist Greentea Peng and nu-jazz guitarist Tom Misch – along the way. Double, Pink LP Vinyl (limited & allocated) 

Track list:
Side A
1. Dassai Menace
2. Lost feat. Tom Misch and Frida Touray
3. Brushstrokes feat. Cleveland Watkiss
Side B
1. Crazy feat. Natalie Williams
2. Breakout feat. LaMeduza
3. American Gods feat. Natalie Duncan
4. Azimuth
Side C
1. Paradise feat. LaMeduza
2. Dark feat. Greentea Peng
3. Yoshi’s Highway feat. Lady Blackbird
4. The Start of no Regret
Side D
1. Sunlight feat. Lady Blackbird
2. Dollis hill Rufige
3. Reflection

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